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Testimonials for Karen

Karen & Chip Noble

Karen's an incredible realtor. She represented us to the sellers that made the difference in the transaction. The home we purchased received four offers in less than 5 hours. If Karen hadn't been there for us we probably wouldn't have gotten our home. Karen went out of her way to help us during the transaction and after closing. She personally was at our home when construction workers needed to start making recommended repairs. No realtor has ever spent as much time as Karen did. She was with us every step of the way. She's fabulous x10!

Source: Realtor.com

Lena Gill

Karen not only helped me sell my home but also made sure she found the next property my son and I could call a home! She was very responsive to my requests to view properties as well as advocating for best purchase price based on her extensive experience and vast knowledge of the market. She makes it her goal to know what the client desires and does her very best to meet those needs in a timely manner. I was under a personal time crunch to find our next property and she stayed optimistic and encouraging the entire time- and made it happen within my timeframe. Karen even continues to follow-up to make sure I am happy and doing well- and it's months later :-) She takes pride in doing her best and it shows! Most definitely one of the best!

Source: Realtor.com

Lena GIll

Karen truly is with you "every step of the way"! She helped me prepare my home for sale and listed and sold it in one month's time! I was very pleased with the hard work she put into holding open houses, responsiveness to showings as well as her friendly and personable approach to getting to know my goals as well as understanding how the market works. Karen is the best!

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Karen & Chuck Vernon

We're certainly happy that Karen found our "forever" home before she and her husband relocated! Karen was patient, always positive in guiding us through the process of finding a home in a market that was somewhat depleted,in our price range. She always goes that extra step for her clients, researching and completing every detail to make the stress of buying a home, actually, a pleasurable experience! Thank you Karen. Karen also sold the home we were in prior to this recent purchase and it was a smooth, timely and profitable experience for Chuck and I as well.

Source: Realtor.com

Pennie Whitish

I have been a Mortgage Loan Officer for over 26 years. I have worked with a lot of Realtors and Karen is one of the best of the best. Karen and I have worked together as Realtor and Loan Officer to help numerous clients’ finance and purchase residential properties. Karen helped my husband and I purchase our current home and recently an investment property. Karen is very experienced, knowledgeable and she is a strong and fair negotiator. She has superb communication skills she uses to educate her clients and keep them informed. She is committed to helping her clients successfully navigate the complexities of buying, selling and financing real estate. She cares deeply for her clients and works hard to make the experience one they will remember as a good experience. I am a loyal fan of Karen’s and highly recommend her!

Source: realtor.com

Wayne Nelson

I have known Karen Lervold well, for three years. She and I worked closely together at Heritage Moultray Real Estate Services, in Yakima, Washington. During that time, I learned some very important things about her, as a Real Estate Broker. First, Karen is the consummate person of detail. She always knows the exact forms to use which will protect her client, and be in the best interest of all parties concerned to consummate a smooth transaction. Karen is so good with language, both in explaining things to her own clients, and explaining things to others, as well. Karen is assertive in all of the best meanings of that word. She is not aggressive, or negative in speaking. Karen speaks with people, not to people. This all leads to Karen being a wonderful tactician leading to a smooth transaction. Karen is so kind. I have watched from afar to see her be so considerate of others and do things for others when she was not even aware of others noticing. I have personally had her show a property to one of my clients when I was not able to do the showing myself. Karen is the team player and all about others. Lastly, Karen has the highest level of ethical behavior. There is a saying about there being the law, and that ethical behavior is above the law. That is where Karen stands. To know Karen is to be in the presence of a wonderful person who is also very fun and funny.

Source: realtor.com